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What We Do

When a call goes out for help, The Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps will respond. Formed in 1954, the Corps has responded to over 50,000 calls in the last 60 years. Our mission is simple:

"To save human life, relieve suffering of the injured, promote safety in all its branches, and provide ambulance service for those in need, principally in the Borough of Madison, New Jersey".

This was the vision of our founders 60 years ago and it is still true today.

On average we respond to over 1,200 calls annually. We currently operate three ambulances, and are staffed by EMT volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days and nights a year to ensure the fastest response possible to those who depend on us. Our services to our patients have always been free, and we work hard to keep it that way. The Corps' annual budget, the majority of which is from donations and fundraising, is used to cover the cost of operating our building, maintenance and up keep of our three ambulances, and all of our medical supplies.

When 911 is called, our dedicated volunteers respond. Many of us respond from our homes and either meet at our building to pick up one of our ambulances or go directly to the scene. Our facility can accommodate our members who wish to stay there and they respond directly from the building. If the illness is life threatening, paramedics or Mobile Intensive Care Units through Atlantic Ambulance or MONOC also respond to the call to provide advanced life-saving efforts.

We also have provided scheduled transportation between health care facilities and home for non-emergency residents, without charge. We provide individuals and local organizations with CPR training, both for our citizens and for health care providers. We also provide emergency services during fires, providing support to our colleagues with the Madison Fire Department, as well as providing standby services for local town functions and sporting events.

We also provide Medical Profile Cards which can be used by seniors and individuals with serious medical conditions to provide important medical information to our crew. Obtain a wallet card by emailing our Public Relations Manager and ask us to send you a free wallet card.

Our Staff Qualifications

Our squad is staffed with over 50 dedicated volunteers who are certified in New Jersey as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or who are in training to become an EMT.  To achieve this distinction, we undergo a rigorous 200 hour training course and have to pass a demanding New Jersey State test. We are trained in emergency care skills, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated defibrillation, use of definitive airway adjuncts, oxygen therapy, first aid, splinting, assisting patients with certain medications, and lifting and moving patients. We are even taught how to deliver babies, and have exercised that skill on several occasions in our history.

Annual Budget and Funding

Our annual budget for our operations is well over $180,000, but our services are free of charge. Our funding comes from numerous sources, including annual fund drives, fund raising events (such as our annual pig roast and beer garden, our pocketbook bingo, among others), grants from the Borough of Madison and local universities, and donations from local businesses. Memorial donations from loved ones of those who have passed are also a big part of our funding, for which we are eternally grateful. Our dedicated Women’s Auxiliary also works tirelessly to raise funds for our operations, a history of which is on this site. All in all, donations and contributions from many areas of our borough, the citizens and businesses thereof, and even those outside our borough contribute greatly to our ongoing operations, without which, we would not function.

You Can Help

We are always in need of members to help us serve! If you want to be a part of a proud organization and serve your community during its times of greatest need, go to the Join page to find out more. Your obligation will be one day or night shift per week, and one weekend day shift per quarter. In return, you'll reap the intangible rewards of helping neighbors in distress and being a proud member of the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

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In an emergency call 9-1-1
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